Xplocial Review – Is Xplocial Everything It’s Said To Be Or Is It A Scam?

by Dave Bowen on July 7, 2013

xplocial reviewSo if you have been around the internet for more than 10 minutes you have probably ran into Xplocial and are wondering whether or not Xplocial is a good opportunity or not.

Which is exactly why I decided to do this honest Xplocial Review.

In this Xplocial Review I am going to break down all the barriers and tell it to you like it is and either give Xplocial “The Last Honest Marketers” stamp of approval or reveal it as a bad opportunity.

Let’s take a closer, unbiased (meaning I am not a distributor of their products nor do I promote their business opportunity) look at Xplocial and leave the final decision up to you.

So just what is Xplocial?

Let’s start out this review with a video I did about it:

Xplocial Review – Is Xplocial A Scam

Xplocial was founded by Larry Marcus and is based out of Melville, New York. Larry Marcus has supposedly been successful in many other businesses but when you search his name you don’t find to much, although I did just run across this and I would like to share it (understand that you have to take everything with a grain of salt here but being the honest guy I am I want to make sure you see this):

Taken from Brian-Schillng.com

Then, in early November, we all know what happened on the East Coast: Hurricane Sandy. XPlocial Corporate was supposedly hit hard and the company went silent for a while. But the funny thing is, silence started happening BEFORE Sandy struck. Key people at corporate started leaving the company. Rumor had it there was some falling out amongst the executive team. Then, suddenly, the face of XPlocial’s setup team, Caitlin, went unresponsive. It was clear something was not right, as she was very responsive — even called me when I first started.

Things became really fishy in recent weeks, when members on my team started noticing discrepancies in their commissions, points not awarded — and payments not collected or charged. Calls to Corporate reached voicemail. Support tickets would go unanswered. All signs of a company in trouble.

Well, this is where I expose the cold, harsh truth. While I won’t expose my sources, I will simply state the facts:

- All staff at XPlocial Corporate has been let go. Steven Moynihan, one of the folks at Corporate, no longer works there, and cited confidentiality when asked what is happening there.

- The XPlocial tools are still up and running just fine. Nothing has been turned off or has gone dark. That’s the sole good news here.

- The XPlocial tool is NOT anything new (no surprise here!). However, the tool is simply a white label offering of the tools offered by TabSite. In fact, there are features of TabSite not offered by XPlocial, and the cost of their program is half of the price of XPlocial!

- Larry Marcus, CEO of XPlocial, has one clear mission in mind: not to support XPlocial, but to use the customer base he gained with XPlocial to monetize other MLM programs, which shall remain nameless here.

Bottom line is this: If you are a member of XPlocial, the bad news is, you have been scammed for several hundred dollars. I highly recommend you cancel your XPlocial membership ASAP! And once you submit your cancellation ticket (which certainly will never get a response), you can then go back to your bank and dispute all charges for XPlocial, citing that you never received the product or services promised in your contract. (Did I mention I paid $14.95 for a ProPay card in October that I never received??) However, the good news is, you won’t lose everything you built. Through a special connection made by my awesome buddy Elias Melas, we can point you in a direction that will preserve what you have already at TabSite.Contact me for more details.


Now one thing to keep in mind is this was written December of 2012 so obviously the company is still around today and as far as I know in good standing with its affiliates.

My opinion on this is that it is definitely something to keep in mind when thinking about joining Xplocial but you can’t believe everything you hear and read.


Xplocial Review – Products

Xplocial offers a wide variety of products.

Xplocial’s products include:

  1. All Inclusive Vacation Getaways
  2. Luxury Cruise Packages
  3. Shopping Discounts
  4. And More

Xplocial offers two different memberships One being their $29 membership and one being their $100 per month, and now thy have actually got into small business loans…:


xplocial review

xplocial Memberships

One thing you have to keep in mind is with all the competition out there in the industry what sets Xplocial apart from all the others such as Global Resorts Network and WakeUpNow?

And would someone actually purchase those products if there was no business opportunity involved?

Are their products really better?

Are they competitively priced?

Why would someone buy your products?

Those are some things to think about before you decide to market Xplocial.

Because in Network Marketing you are paid on product sales only.

Therefore you have to have a steady stream of customers buying your products.

Now one way you can do that just like I said in the video is to CLICK HERE and get the tools you need to market your business online.

We’ll talk more about that in a minute.

Xplocial Review – The Opportunity

Xplocial is one of the many 100% commission opportunities popping up online which is awesome I mean who doesn’t love 100% commissions.

So again Xplocial offers a $29 per month product and a $100 per month product and then you also have to sign up for their affiliate program at $19.95 per month.

Now Xplocial does have a pass up system…

…you pass up your 1st, 3rd, and 7th sale and then keep all the rest to infinity.

Here is an example given on their website of their compensation plan:

xplocial comp plan



Now one thing I do have to add about this example is that if you are going to expect or depend on your team getting 4 who get 4 who get 4 then you might as well quit Network Marketing right now…

Sorry just being honest, because that will NEVER work.

The reason it won’t work is there is not a program that exists where you get that type of duplication and I highly doubt there every will be.

So STOP dreaming about that NOW. You will have to put in work and you will have people quit.

My Final Thoughts On This Xplocial Review

I think Xplocial is an ok opportunity but I don’t think I would give it my “stamp of approval” because I am a little leery of the information at the beginning of this blog post that I stumbled across…

Although again you can’t believe everything you hear or read but I think it’s something to keep in mind…

But as I started to speak about a second ago lets look at this in the logical sense.

In every MLM company you are going to have people quit.

People get caught up in the “Get Rich and wealthy” frame of mind and join, not realizing that MLM takes a lot of work.

So what plan do you have for your attrition rates?

See you have to have new people joining every single week or your business is not going to grow.

Do you have a marketing plan or are you just going to continue to chase family and friends?

Are you going to be leveraging the internet, The most powerful tool mankind has ever created to grow your business?

I would think anybody who has any common sense would.

CLICK HERE or click the image below and enter your email address and get the tools you need to market Xplocial online and create multiple streams of income for yourself.




Your partner in wealth,


-Dave Bowen

“The Last Honest Marketer”

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Dave this is a really nice review and I appreciate your findings. I was just considering looking at this program but will now have second thoughts

Dave Bowen
Dave Bowen moderator

@IrishjimJim Thank you very much Jim! I spent a lot of time on it and ya there are deff some things to question about this program for sure! Glad I could save you some time and money!

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